Shutter Up Studios – Sessions, Melissa Morgan & Sean Hassard

Ontario_Fashion_Photographers Melissa and SeanMelissa is  a wonderful and expressive model who was interested in doing a bit of  collaborating in the studio (and, I might add, she has some of the coolest shoes to ever set foot in the studio). I couldn’t say no. We had set the date for the shoot and  while we were putting the details together, she mentioned her friend, Sean, who isn’t a model per se, but was thinking about it. So I said “sure, the more the merrier”. It was a blast. They were both extremely expressive subjects, and were both very genuine and quite comfortable in front of the camera. It’s gratifying to work with subjects like that. It makes the shoot just flow and everyone has a good time.

Once again, makeup artist Amanda Wynne was on hand to keep everyone looking wonderful. Even Sean (yep, blokes get a turn in the makeup chair as well).  While the lovely was in makeup and hair, I began working with Sean. A simple setup for this part. Just one light with an 8 inch reflector and grid.



Giving some bad ass attitude for the camera.

Once Melissa was out of the makeup chair, it was her turn. We moved over to the couch and added some pillows to match her wardrobe. I went with two lights this set.  Main was an Elinchrom 70cm Deep Octa and fill was the Paul C. Buff 163cm PLM with diffusion panel camera right, way camera right.

Ontario fashion photographers Melissa

Ontario fashion photographers mm

After a quick wardrobe and lighting change, both Melissa and Sean took the stage together for some high key captures.



We then followed that up with some individual images on the high key background. When you’re shooting on your own clock rather than a client’s, it’s always a good idea to play with a few different styles and setups, time and energy permitting. Especially when working with more than one model/subject. The more options you have, the more there is to choose from in the end. That said, don’t push it too far, if your models are getting tired of having that flash popping in their faces, you might lose them and their energy. At that point it’s just wasted pixels and no one wants that. The trick is to capture as much as you can while maintaining the energy of the shoot. You also have to be aware of when that energy is starting to wain. At which point it’s time to move on.



You never know what can come out of a shoot. As it turns out, one of the images from this shoot ended up getting double truck in an article featuring Melissa in Desi Fashion Magazine. That, needless to say, was pretty groovy.

Shutter Up Studios Desi Mag

Shutter UP Studios image of Melissa Morgan in Desi Fashion Magazine

Thanks again to Melissa, Sean and Amanda for a great shoot with excellent results.

Cheers! ‘Till later…



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